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Microsoft Project is a project management software developed by Microsoft Corporation. Tasks from a Microsoft Project can be imported into Planfix.

The import supports the following file formats: csv, xls, xlsx, mpp, mpx, mpd, mspdi, pod.

Importing Microsoft Project tasks into Planfix

  • Suppose you have a project with tasks in Microsoft Project that you need to transfer to Planfix:


  • Save the project file with tasks, for example, in the .mpp format:


  • Create a new project in Planfix and click on the Import:


  • Upload the saved Microsoft Project file to Planfix:


  • Choose a template for the imported tasks, and select the task field for each column where the data is intended to be imported.


  • After the import is complete, switch the project task display to the Gantt Chart to see the start and due dates of the tasks and the links between them:



  • Only the start and due dates of tasks and the links between them are imported from Microsoft Project to Planfix.
  • Task duration is not imported. This is due to some unique characteristics:
    • Microsoft Project can have fractional durations (for example, 8.23 days). A time format like this is not supported in Planfix.
    • The working time in Microsoft Project and Planfix should completely match. It is almost impossible to achieve this. One of the reasons for this is the presence of fractional duration in Microsoft Project.
All this leads to incorrect calculations of the task due date in Planfix. That's why only the start and due dates of tasks and the links between them are imported into Planfix.

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