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Conditions of this type allow you to specify your own tags and process letters with them according to certain rules. Looking similar to the condition Includes text, work with tags gives more flexibility.

You can create your own set of tags, each of which will denote an object of a certain type, for example:

  • If Message subject includes word with tag #, then Select project by word following the tag
  • If Message subject includes word with tag ~, then Select assignee by word following the tag
  • If Message subject includes word with tag %, then Set date of task finish by word following the tag

and so on

After that, you can give messages sent to the special Planfix address special tags. Planfix will analyze the tags and set the attributes you specify for the task created. By the way, in the rules, you can define only the tags, and you can use any words after them - the main thing is that Planfix could clearly identify the object that you mean.

For example, imagine that you created these rules and forward a message with the tag to your Planfix email address. Here's how they will be processed:

  • #Energetics - Planfix will find a project with a name including "Energetics" and create a task in it
  • ~Daviss - Planfix will add employee whose name or surname includes "Daviss" to task assignees
  • %21-12-2012 - Planfix will set the date the task finish on December 21, 2012

The main advantage of this approach is that a tag set once will work for all objects, including those created in the future. You have a new employee named Laktionov - you can immediately set him/her tasks by mail, adding @Laktionov to message subject

Useful tips

  • The tag can be of any length, not necessarily 1 character. This, in particular, allows you to specify elements of formatting letters from other systems followed by the data you need as tags.
  • It is worth adding an additional action Delete word with the tag to rules with tags. It "cleans up" the traces of your work with tags, the task without them looks neater.

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