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Various functions can be applied to variables in Planfix. One of them is:


Suppose you have a task to create a link that, when clicked, passes specific additional parameters from the task, such as the name of a training course. The link then looks like this:

https://site-course.com/forms/about-course/?course_name={{Task.LEAD's Source}}

However, if the course name contains invalid characters, the link data will not be transferred correctly. For example, a link with such a course name:

Promotion "Learn video editing in just 1 month for free" (2020)

Will look like this:


This is because the link contains spaces, and special characters that are not allowed when creating the link. All these characters must be encoded. The ::encode=url function is added to the variables to encode this.

The correct link with variables should, therefore, look like this:

https://site-course.com/forms/about-course/?course_name={{Task.LEAD's Source::encode=url}}

And the generated link after applying encoding will look like this:


So, the course name is transferred to the link without loss.

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