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Main operation is the second block in the rules for processing emails, which you must fill out when creating a rule. The main action determines what Planfix should create from emails received: a task, comment, or contact:


Create a task using template

With this option, a task will be created from the email, using the selected template:


  • The list of templates contains all task templates in the account, as well as the assigner's default template.
  • The option Don't use this template with overlapping rules allows you to manage template selection should there be overlapping rules.


Create a contact using template

With this option, contact will be created from the email, using the selected template:


  • The list for choosing a template contains all contact and company templates in the account.
  • Below the list of templates is an option for system behavior should the new contact already exist in the system:


  • The search method for finding existing contacts is selected separately:


  • In a separate section, indicate the infoblock that contains the search data for the contact. Below is a sample search across existing contacts by number:


The logic, in this case, is as follows: the system searches for a contact where the value in the "Contact number" field equals the value stored in the "Contact number" infoblock. If such a contact exists, any further operations will be performed using this contact. If there is no contact with this number in the system, a new contact will be created, their "Contact number" field will be populated from the infoblock, and further operations will be performed using this new contact.  

Add a comment to an existing task

This option allows you to find the desired task and add a comment to it containing the body of the email:  


  • There are two ways to search for the desired task: select a specific task from a list of existing tasks in the account, or select a task based on a match between the contents of a certain task field and the value stored in an infoblock. This allows you to select a task that contains a client's email address in its name, with the email address extracted from the email and stored in the "Email address" infoblock:


  • You can also specify what should happen if no task is found that meets the condition:


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