Deals management ideology

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In the Deals management configuration, the following ideology is applied:

  • Lead (potential client) is a combination of Contact and Task-Deal, in which this Contact acts as a Counterparty. Wherein:
    • If at the first stage we do not have information about the client's needs, it is entered as a Contact, and in the process of processing this lead, a task-deal is created.
    • If we immediately have information about the customer's needs, then the task-deal is created simultaneously with the creation of the Contact.
  • Information about leads can get into the system in many ways:
  • Each Lead is assigned a manager who is responsible for bringing it to a successful deal
  • To achieve a successful result, the manager plans various activities for the transaction: calls, meetings, describes the agreements reached with the client, by creating sub-tasks using a special template
  • At each stage, except for the final, the transaction must necessarily be scheduled the following activity - this ensures that the manager does not forget about it
  • In the course of activities, the transaction is progressively moving along the stages (statuses) set for it and reaches one of the final stages (Successful completion / Deal failed).

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