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Account administrator can modify Deals management configuration using all available means of PlanFix. The most common modifications used for setting configuration for an exact company, are described below:

Settings of status set Deal

Allows to set up steps of the life cycle of the deal.

Setup process:

  • go to status set editing (Main menu / Account management / Processes / Status set Deal);
  • assess whether default status set coincides with the set, established in your company
  • if necessary, change it. For that:
  • Important notice: do not delete Finished from the set- it is necessary for the future control in planner and reports.

Setup of the “Deals management” planner

1. The first column of the planner (Raw leads) with default settings displays all contacts of the account, that have no tasks with "Deal" template. It is supposed, that any contact from this list should be processed, and deal should be created -theoretically this list should be empty. That would mean, that all the incoming contacts are being processed.

But if you have already accumulated or imported base of contacts, and deals are needed not for all of them, setup filter, which will select contacts to this list:


For example:

  • you can use term "Group = Client" (or create another group of contacts for this purpose)
  • you can create a field (attribute) in contact template, which will be responsible for showing contact in this list, and set term for selection by value in this field.

2. By default first list includes contacts (individuals), not companies. If you need to display companies, and create companies while quick adding, change "Is a contact" to "Is a company" :


3. If you made changes in Deals status set, you need to update Deals management planner according to these changes. For that :

  • Go to the planner (Main menu / Planner / Deals management)
  • Rename headings of the columns according to the changed names of the statuses
  • If new statuses were added, you need to create a new list (planner column) for each of them. The easiest way is to copy the column next to it:
    • Click on the column heading, previous to the new column (excluding the "Raw leads" column, it isn't worth copying, as has different structure)
    • Click on "Create a copy" in the opening window
    • A new list, headed "Copy of..." appears on the right
    • Click on its heading
    • In the opening window change heading and conditions for tasks selection according to the newly added status, missing in the planner
    • Save changes
  • If necessary, you can change the order of lists in the planner, dragging them to the necessary place

Useful information

  • You can contact PlanFix Support team for consulting on any system settings, including this configuration.

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