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You can receive and process in Planfix messages sent by Skype users to a specially created bot.

User messages in dialogs with it become tasks in Planfix (1 task per 1 unique user). The user can exchange with you texts, images, contacts and other information - all messages sent by him will be added by new actions to his personal task. You can process the messages with all available means in Planfix, and your comments, images and other types of files added by new actions with notification of this user will be sent to him by Skype on behalf of your corporate bot.

In order to organize communication, you need:

1.Creating a Bot in the Microsoft Bot Framework

2. Connect the bot to Planfix :

2.1. In the Account Management / Integrations with other services select Integration with Skype and click Add bot:


2.2. In the window that appears, enter the bot name, Microsoft App ID and Microsoft App Password stored while creating a bot:


2.3. After clicking on Add, the bot appears in the list of connected:


Work in PlanFix with calls from Skype

When a Skype user first writes a message to your Skype-bot, in Planfix:

  • This user's contact card will be created with his name
  • A new task will be created in which the user becomes the director, and the text of his message is the text of the task.

'Follow-up with the user:'

  • When configuring integration, it is possible to create a new task, if not active (that is, in any active status) tasks for calls from the client:


The checkbox is enabled by default. If the checkbox is active, a new task will be created if the previous task of this client has been deleted, completed, or in an inactive status. The correspondence history is automatically added to the description of the created task:


With the inactive checkbox, all client messages will fall into one task, regardless of its current status.

  • Your answers in Planfix, in which the user will be highlighted in the "Notify about this" block, will be sent to him in Skype on behalf of the connected bot. In addition to the message text, the files attached to the message will be sent.

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