Assign employee access rights to Time-Tracking: Working & Leisure Time

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In the "Time-Tracking: Working & Leisure Time" solution, there is no subdivision of employees by role by default. This means that every employee has the right to enter data on income and expenses. They also see a summary of income and expenses for tasks to which they have access.

If it's necessary to restrict access to this information, you can do it in the following ways:

  • The most radical option is to restrict access to the "Income" and "Expenses" data tags and leave it only for those users who have the right to enter and view such data. Other users won't be able to see this information at all.
  • You can restrict the ability to change the structure of income and expense items, i.e., add new entries, edit existing ones, and delete them. This is done at the level of access settings to the directory "Types of income/expenses."

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