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Files and images can be added to a task using drag and drop. To do this, just drag the file you need into the task. In addition:

  • If you drag a file to a task card in viewing mode, the interface for adding a new comment will open, which will already contain the file as an attachment. You can also add files when writing a comment:


  • If you drag an image file into the window where you're writing a comment, the image will be pasted directly into the comment text:


Similarly, you can paste an image into a task description when creating or editing the task.

  • You can also paste an image into text from the clipboard: copy it with Ctrl+C and paste it with Ctrl+V:


Additional information

  • You can drag images into text from different sources (such as websites open in other browser tabs).
  • You can drag and drop files within a task: from a comment to comment or from the Documents panel to a comment.
  • You can drag and drop files from other tasks, projects, or contacts that you have open in another browser tab.

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